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Top 10 golf driver on the market for begginer golfer
top ten in best golf driver for distance 15 times since 1981 becoming a fan favorite along the way Fred Couples was the coolest kid in town I was the guy you wanted to be like and play like as we like to say he's kind of a golfing genius you know he just I don't think he knows what he's doing out there sometimes but he just knows how to put the club on the ball every time and hit it very solidly number three Bubba Watson led the tour in driving distance in his first three seasons and finished second in each of the following pre his career best average came during his 2006 rookie campaign at 319 yards per Drive he can headed 300 yards at any time people recognize him for how long he's hitting the golf ball and yes he does hit it long but he's just so skilled for shaping the golf ball f2 ride rides flat I think he's very skillful player number two grip it and rip it has long been John Daly's motto these guys the preeminent modern long ball hitter daily led the tour in driving distance 11 times and became the first player to average 300 yards off the tee in 1997 you think it was a long hitting player one of the first that comes to mind is on Daly and he had that you know way past parallel swing that's how January's powerful Daly doesn't just hit fairways he swallows them up number one Jack Nicklaus ranked in the top 10 in driving distance as recently as 1980 at the age of 40 but he was far more than just a bomber jack is probably the longest and straightest hit around the tour today he won 73 times on the PGA Tour highlighted by a record 18 majors it was this combination of unparalleled success and length off the tee that forever transformed the game of golf

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number ten sam Sunita's got just a classic swing sam snead wasn't nicknamed the slammer for nothing as he pioneered the power game in an era known more for finesse he parlayed his length off the tee into a Hall of Fame career and 82 PGA Tour victories a record that still stands today number nine he just absolutely smashmouth that one JB